Nevertheless She Resisted: Summary of the St. Pete Women's March

Erika Levy, Board Member

Sunday, January 21st. The sun was shining bright but the weather was moderate. It was the perfect weather for 5,000 women and women’s advocates to march on St. Pete in a display of solidarity commemorating the one year anniversary of the Women’s March in Washington, DC.

Some attended to express concerns over environmental, economics, and to align themselves with the #metoo movement. Some attended to outwardly display their frustration with the current political environment; pointing fingers directly at President Trump and his administration. Others came for the sense of community and sisterhood; oh which, there was a lot.


The event served to remind attendees to continue the political fight into 2018 and to rally voters for this year’s upcoming midterm elections, locally and nationally. Local activist groups like Indivisible FL-13 and political candidates manned information and voter registration booths along the sidewalks of the park.

Tampa NOW members hosted a table at the event which was used to greet marchers and inform them about the work that NOW is doing nationally and locally in support of women’s issues. Our group sold “pussy hats” and shared sign-making materials so that attendees could make signs for free.


Tampa NOW was joined by our sister-groups, the Pasco and Pinellas chapters, in efforts to re-energize legacy members and inspire current and future members by providing information on meetings, events, and activities scheduled throughout the year.

See photos from the event on our Facebook Page.

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