#metoo, how about you?

Erika Levy

By this time, anyone following feminist issues (or with a pulse) is aware of the #metoo movement which began on social media and has become part of our daily lexicon. The internet has been a place where the best of humanity and the worst of humanity often share a time and attention side by side. The #metoo movement is special because it in part highlights the best of humanity (social bonding and collective support) while showcasing the worst of it (harassment and assault).

What's different now? Surely, these issues have existed since the beginning of time. So why is this movement having a moment now?

We could also argue that the current political climate has brought the best and the worst people out of the shadows. For every lurking, harassing abuser being pulled out of the dark there is one (or more) victims shining brightly and bravely . . . sharing their stories so hopefully, others never have to experience such things again.

Not that you needed reminding, but the #metoo movement is important, telling stories is powerful, and every hashtag makes an impact.

Just in case anyone asks you why this movement is important (or why it exists at all) feel free to share this with them.