Here's just a small sampling of the issues with which our members are currently involved. 

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Visit Ruth's List to learn more about Florida's elected officials and candidates. 


Equal Rights Amendment

passing the equal rights amendment

The Equal Rights Amendment has yet to be passed and still requires two more states to pass the ERA for it to be an Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Learn more about the ERA

Ending Domestic Violence


Learn what's being done to help victims of domestic violence at the national level at 

Helping Women in Crisis

helping THOSE in crisis 

We were recently visited by Gia Song, Care Coordinator Suicide Prevention Services at the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. Crisis resources are also available through The Spring including a 24 hour Crisis Line at 813-247-7233.  


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SUPPORTING WOMEN'S reproductive rights

We support women's health equity, sex education, and a woman's right to choose. Some of our members support local Planned Parenthood organizations. 


LGBTQ rights and protections 

We support the expansion of a more tolerant and loving society as well as equal representation of historically marginalized groups in politics, media, entertainment and everyday life. Learn more about Tampa Pride

Economic Equality


We believe investing in women's economic and educational empowerment sets a direct path toward gender equality, poverty eradication, and economic growth. 

Family Policies

policies that support families 

Whether it's better family leave policies, adoption, or foster care, we support policies that make family bonds stronger.