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The 2017 National Conference will take place in Orlando, FL, June 30 - July 2. This is an amazing opportunity for members of our chapter for several reasons; the proximity means that we have the opportunity to be well represented at the conference and our members will be able to vote in the 2017 elections. Members will be voting for President and Vice President of the national organization.  You must be an active member in order to vote.



At our March meeting, we formed committees focused on creating and executing actionable items in response to the 2017 Florida Legislative session. These committees are run by the chapter members. If you are a Tampa NOW member and interested in joining a committee, contact us and tell us which committee you would like to join or to find out more about our stance on the legislative items below.  The committees are formed around the following bills: 

HB 623 / SB 666 : Provides sexual orientation & gender identity to be added to non-discrimination in public lodging and public food service establishments. Creating the "Florida Competitive Workforce Act." Adding sexual orientation and gender identity to Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992.  (FLNOW supports this bill.)
HB 319 / SB 410: Revising provisions prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex to include discrimination on the basis of gender identity; prohibiting an employer from providing less favorable employment opportunities to employees based on their sex or gender identity; creating the “Helen Gordon Davis Fair Pay Protection Act."  (FLNOW supports this bill.)
HB 203 / SB 348: Creates "Florida Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"; prohibits abortion of unborn child capable of feeling pain; provides parameters for making such determination; requires physicians to report abortion information to DOH; provides criminal penalties & civil & criminal remedies; creates special revenue account to pay for certain costs & expenses incurred by state in defending act. (FLNOW is opposed to this bill due to lack of scientific evidence in support of the claims made.)


HB 203 / SB 348

Tampa's NOW's Committee focusing on HB 203 / SB 348 put together this video in March 2017.We encourage you to call your representatives to voice your disagreement to HB 203 / SB 348 prior to the end of the legislative session on May 5, 2017.


In January 2017, Chapter President, Tori Taylor, and other local members met outside the Federal Courthouse in downtown Tampa to oppose the confirmation hearings scheduled for US Attorney General Nominee, Jeff Sessions. Read the full article at WMNF.org. 


In 2016, NOW celebrated 50 years. This video was created for the annual national conference of NOW, looking back at NOW's 50 years of progress for the rights of women and looking ahead to even more. 

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!.”
— Maya Angelou