In 1966 the National Organization for Women was founded to end sex discrimination. Today, the organization remains the cornerstone of the women's rights movement. 


Our Mission

NOW is a grassroots organization that makes changes to assist Women's Rights by lobbying our legislators, proposing laws and demonstrating in the streets to raise awareness of important issues.  As a local NOW chapter, our mission is to a keep our members informed about local, state, and national events and issues and when possible to help members take action to pursue the progression of women in the many facets of society. 

The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day; a movement is only people moving.”
— Gloria Steinam


  • Teaching members about defense training and providing volunteer opportunities as defense escorts. 
  • Organizing members to petition local, state, and national institutions. 
  • Educating members on government affairs and processes. 
  • Bringing talented, passionate people together in the form of committees with specific areas of focus. 
  • Partnering with local organizations that align with our mission and values.  
  • Providing a safe place for members to express their feelings and ideas. 
  • Instructing members on how to take concrete actions that lead social movements. 
  • Empowering members to speak with their families and communities about the issues that are important to them.